Feature Writing

s&d yoga woman column Sarah has worked as a freelance feature writer since 1997 and as her passion for yoga, health and wellness evolved, so has her writing. She joined IPC Media’s pioneering website for women (BEME.com) in 2000 and wrote features across all of the lifestyle channels, then she began filing regular features in the Guardian’s Office Hours and Money supplements, along with women’s interest features to portals including Glamour, Red, Women’s Health and Real.

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With a passion for travel, health and wellbeing, in 2005, she started reviewing holistic and yoga holidays for publications such as Living France, Yoga Magazine, Spirit and Destiny, Om Yoga, and Spa Wellbeing before becoming a regular features contributor to Spirit and Destiny. She worked within the editorial department on a part-time basis between 2010-13; writing, researching and editing features then compiling her Yoga Therapy column, featuring a yoga pose each month, and its many benefits.

s&d mag medleyWith an infinite sense of curiosity and an easy-going warmth, over the years, Sarah has had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing a wide, and eclectic, range of people, from Yoga ‘bad boy’, David Sye, to hip and inspirational speaker and author, Gabby Berstein, and remarkable cancer-survivor and author, Anita Moorjani, and is always keen to take on new interview/true life & first person commissions.

Although Sarah writes on all topics, her niche areas (about which she has authored two books and is most passionate!) are yoga, wellness and IBS – how to manage the symptoms, and the importance of a good digestive system for wellbeing and balance.

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