In 2008 Sarah was commissioned to write a book about IBS. She could identify with the subject well because she has suffered with mild IBS since her late teens. In her book, Irritable Bowel Syndrome – The Essential Guide, Need2Know Books (2009, £8.99), she interviews leading digestive consultants and health professionals, from doctors to nutritionists, gastroenterologists and hypnotherapists for the low-down on this condition which affects roughly eight million people in the UK.

Her book is written in laymen’s terms, and is packed with essential information and advice for a broad readership, from teenagers to parents (IBS very often begins, and is very common in teens and young people). Sarah can provide features, quotes, talks and blogs about IBS/healthy digestion and the benefits of yoga to relieve IBS symptoms (e.g. yoga asanas which can help increase peristalsis and digestion, relaxation and visualisation techniques to help reduce stress).

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In 2010 Sarah wrote her second book for the Need2Know range; Everyday Yoga, the essential guide (2011, £9.99), which provides an exploration into yoga as a lifestyle, illustrating how to practice bite-sized bits of yoga each day, whether you have five or 50 minutes to spare.

Everyday yoga is an easy format manual for beginners, as well as for those revisiting yoga after a break, and is an ideal handbook for all the family, from children through to senior yogis, and for busy people who feel there are never enough hours in the day.

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Reviews of yoga book

“’s easy to feel intimidated by complicated yoga poses, but what Sarah Dawson does in this book is make them achievable for those who want to get yoga into their daily lives…whether you want to tone your body, improve your posture or still your mind, this book will help you get started or recap what you’ve already learnt”
Spirit and Destiny magazine

“…written in an easy-to-read, step-by-step format”
Wellbeing Mag UK

Reviews of IBS book

“…Sarah Dawson has provided a comprehensive account on IBS, which affects around eight million people in the UK. Packed full of essential information and advice that is easy to read, the book covers topics including the medical treatments available, lifestyle changes to alleviate symptoms, food and nutrition, and a number of tasty IBS friendly recipes. Essential reading for anyone who suffers with this uncomfortable complaint”
Yoga Magazine, March 2010

“…For a new sufferer I would recommend this book…. I like its conciseness, and that it’s clearly laid out for quick reference. If I was having a book clear out, this is one I would hang on to”.
Suzanne Evans, Reflexions magazine

“Finding out as much as you can about your condition from a reliable source and talking to others in a similar situation can make a real difference to the way you cope… Try Irritable Bowel Syndrome – The Essential Guide by Sarah Dawson”
Woman’s Weekly